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Posted by B (Northern US) on 07/27/2012

Hello "Ted", I am contacting you regarding my adult son, who has battled all his life with intestinal problems. As a child we thought it was milk allergies; then he developed almost a hyperactive personality, would crash in deep fatigue, but could not sleep. In High School and in College, along with contracting mononucleosis, he had all the symptoms (he told me he drank Pepto Bismal as if it were a water bottle, for his stomach.) Additionally, he has had itchy, flaky scalp, a thumb nail that was diagnosed as psoriatic arthritis. Now out of college with a family of 4 to support, he still deals with additional complications. Two years ago he contracted Histoplasmosis (fungus in the soil from pigeons), later he had MRSA. He has a difficult time sleeping, and being focused mentally as well as he would like. I am guessing (from hours reading your responses all over that he has a fungus, and perhaps parasites (drank from swampy waters in the Great lakes on a teen canoeing trip.) His diarrhea in the past year has escalated to the point that he has lost 30 pounds that he didn't have as excess, and is going to the bathroom 10-12 times a day. He currently is finding a little benefit in following the GAPS diet, but still not well. He is in frequent pain intestinally. I am fearful of his outcome and his longevity at this point. He has two small children in their family. Please could you give some specific advise on what to do for him?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Barbara: The one remedy that seems to be consistent enough in relieving the Crohn's disease (there are other names but is the same -- Ulcerative Colitis, Leaky Gut -- but the differences in the symptoms are due to genetic makeup) is the humic acid. I used humic acid granules say 1 to 10, with average of 5 granules the size of the letter "o" on a Times Roman letter in your computer. It should be dissolved in water and drink with each meal, and perhaps before sleep. Lysine and threonine are essential towards his recovery, which may take time, 3 to 6 months. They should be taken fairly large amounts perhaps 1000 mg x 6 times a day, and perhaps BCAA at similar doses. N acetyl Cysteine is the other one, But the problems about taking all these is it must be protected by humic acid, otherwise any food will cause him problems, and meals too.

The one thing that seems to be a constant is the food pH has to be 7.0 to 7.5, or else it has a reaction (mostly from) paratuberculosis that is in his stomach. The reason why I used humic acid is simple: they kill nearly all harmful anaerobes that are involved in decay of organic materials. Peat moss mummies in Europe are actually high in humic acid, and that's why they can't be decayed. Just an interesting bit of info but reflects the fundamental basis for my remedy.

As far as aloe vera oil is concerned, it might help but some people do have a reaction to that also. In fact must Crohn's and Ulcerative colitis cannot take any oils, vegetable fats, so try to avoid this as well as all the other things that are obvious (artificial sugar, sugar, etc.)


Replied by Ed2010
Oakville, Canada

Hello barbara, sorry to hear about your son. Don't worry he will be alright soon. Pls, follow up this thread after following Ted's recommendation.

But no matter what one should take Ted's Alkalizing Formula for any treatment to work. Without balancing the PH, any treatment does not work efficiently.

Personally, I take Ted's ACV baking soda formula daily. It improves the body's own healing power and feeling more energy. Thanks

Replied by Terri
Phoenix, Az

There is also a book called "Breaking the Vicious Cycle: Intestinal Health through Diet" that has been able to claim much success. I followed the diet for 2 years and felt much better but my real digestion problem ended up being my liver gallbladder.

Replied by Dk
Honolulu, Hi

There is a doctor in Maui who has a Crohns center, and a book. I bought the book after reading the 80-10-10 diet by Dr Doug Graham, which also says will greatly help crohns, among other dis-eases. Check out that website, so far I am about 40 pages in and it is an interesting read to say the least. seems to be geared towards a raw vegan lifestyle as the cure.

Replied by Amy

I've been diagnosed with Crohn's disease for almost 30 years and have never heard any of this before. I've seen countless doctors as well as naturopaths and other more holistic practitioners, and no one has mentioned either this bacterium or the treatments you propose. Can you supply more info? Are there any studies which support these statements? I don't mean to sound critical in any way; these are just so vastly different than anything I've ever been told.

Replied by Art
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In reply to Amy (Sc ),

Here are a few study links which expands on what Ted was talking about in regards to Crohn's and Paratuberculosis :

Note that the oldest of these studies is 17 years old.

You ask why you have never heard what Ted is talking about and the following is one likely reason why. Doctors learn what they are taught in medical school and after that what they are told by pharmaceutical companies whose reps visit their offices regularly to pitch them on the latest drugs. Here in the states, the way our medical system is setup, today's doctors have little if any time to read more recent studies. Patients line up in the doctor's waiting room and then see the doctor as soon as he/she can get to them, even if it is way past their scheduled appointment. Most doctors are just to busy with this daily crazy schedule to have any extra time to continue their education by reading current studies.

If a person wants to learn about more up to date studies regarding a given disease, it is in their best interest to read current studies, as often times you can learn things that your doctor has not yet learned. The other element in the medical world is pharmaceutical companies who are there for the purpose of making money just like any other company or business. In terms of making money, it is not in the best interest of pharmaceutical companies to cure disease, but rather treat symptoms which means you will be buying their drugs for the rest of your life. Doctors are mainly limited to prescribing these drugs that mainly only treat symptoms. That is how our medical system is setup. You are a prime example of this........30 years of Crohn's Disease and still treating symptoms!

If you are not happy with this situation, then you need to become as informed as possible about Crohn's and make informed decisions.

To illustrate further how companies are in business to make money and not necessarily cure you, read up on Crohn's Disease and Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN). LDN is an old drug whose patent expired and is very cheap in the world of prescription drugs and has shown the ability to be quite useful for some Crohn's patients, but most doctors do not prescribe it, but instead prescribe more expensive drugs that are still under patent and consequently very expensive and profitable. LDN is no cure for Crohn's, but it has shown effectiveness with minimal side effects and is cheap at around a dollar per day, so there is little profit in this old drug.