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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) 384 posts

If I am sick, I take a small pinch of sodium perborate (borax) and H202 concentration of 0.5% in a half glass of water. I also mix 1 cup of 3% H2O2 and mix with about 2 gallons of water to take bath with it. I also mix 1% H2O2 as a mouthwash until all fizz disappears. The reason why our colds don't go away easily is the virus overload and lack of oxygen in cellular level. Viruses are so common here, that I have to develop my own method to get rid of them. This regime has cleared my skin and I actually look younger by at least 5-10 years. Something has to do with oxidizing toxins by H2O2.

Again I am not recommend anyone try this out of legal problems. This is how I treat myself and my average length of a colds lasts between 1/2-1 days. Without treatment, my colds would last an average of 14 days (including the coughs). The longest I have the cold using the new regiment is about 2 days (which by my standards is very unusual). And the reason why it lasted so long was that I treated my colds on the second day!

I use this whenever I have a cold and works a lot better than putting 3% H2O2 in the ears! You see, oxygen is also absorbed through the skins when you take bath with it."

Additional remedies: For viruses: Try unsweetened green tea. Or make your own herbal fresh chinese parsley tea. FRESH Chinese parsley tea will chelate a lot of toxic metals. You can do this by using a blender and put a bunch of chinese parsley mixed with water. I prefer FRESH as opposed to DRIED.

Above all else if you have a virus, the three things that are most important are: sodium bicarbonate (to alkalinize your blood - 2 teaspoon/day while you are sick), N Acetyl Cysteine (Flumucil, Mysolven, etc.) and Zinc (chelated zinc or zinc acetate).

P.S. Killing viruses along a respiratory tract is a difficult one. But to use vinegar as a humidifier and breathing in will kill them on contact. The idea is to prevent viruses from reaching the blood which will cause fever. I have never have a fever from viruses even if IT IS THE FLU!!!! There are several ways I deal with it which is to take between 1-3 cc of 3% H2O2 (food grade) diluted with 1/2 glass of water taken at 2, 5, 10, 15, 30, 1 hour, 1.5 hour apart. This dose should be more than enough to kill them. Actually, by the 3rd or 4th dose they are completely dead in the blood anyway. However, reinfection is a real issue as they still stay in the respiratory tract. So you have to figure out the rest of the dose, perhaps at a much lesser dose spaced only 1.5 hours apart. Most people will not take this high dosage as me, but I am assuming I am having the bird flu so the dose will be larger.

Aspirin have a very strong antiviral properties especially when you add the caffeine together, many countless lives are actually saved with this. I am not telling you how to treat yourself, because that would be illegal. I am telling you how I would treat myself.

Another simple add on I take before I have a flu coming is to alkalize myself with a 1 teaspoon of citric acid plus 1 teaspoon of baking soda. Zinc acetate helps, but it just reduces the fever and tiredness. So take that too.

I haven't yet solve the respiratory issue in killing viruses, but I have solved the issue of killing and preventing them from reaching your blood and causing a fever. So as you can see I am only confident I will not get fever from any colds with the remedies. Most important of all is to absolutely avoid eating sugar, sweets, starches, white bread, they make the conditions exponentially worse. If you want to eat something as a salad, eat fresh olive leaf. They are antiviral.