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What Are Your Thoughts on Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome and H2O2?

Posted by Schleimkatze (Berlin, Germany) on 08/24/2011

Dear Ted,

CPPS (Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome) is an awful experience, and I greatly benefitted from some of the recommendations of Earch Clinic in the Fibromyalgia thread. It is not understood what causes CPPS. Because of the associated symptoms (CFS, depression) some folks belive it - like with IC - to be some sort of microbacteria or viral infection. In any case, a hydrogen-perioxde treatment could be useful. I wonder what your thoughts are on this subject.

And even more burning is my question regarding H2O2 . To be honest, I am simply scared. I started my h2o2 regime and I am now up to 16 drops for three times a day. Although I am very careful with food and use it mininal 3 hours after meal (and only with distilled water) I have an INTENSE burning inside my stomach for the whole day. I wonder what is happening there, and if others experience the same fears. After going through the forum, I notice that there are very few feedback emails of the hydorgen perioxide effect for the long term. A question on possible damage to the stomach was left unanswered.

Could you, or some readers here please help out? Did you experience stomach problems? And also, what are the thoughts on supplements and vitamins? Some folks say Vit-c is good but only if the intake is 60min or longer after. Others state that any supplements will cause free radicals and damage your stomach lining.

I'd greatly appreciate if you could share more on the internal use of h2o2. My stomach hurts a lot, and I will go off for a while. But is something corroded? Shall I take a break and restart with 3 drops?

Your advice is ****greatly**** appreciated.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I don't believe in 16 drops as I think it is too much. The usual dose is one capful 3% H2O2 in one liter of water, and if you feel acidity, then add baking soda 1/4 teaspoon. Some viruses exist along the nerves, as they bypass the immune system; and hydrogen peroxide is one way to remove this, but is taken every hour, for a cup for 4 doses may get rid of the viruses causing the pain in pelvic region. I think the problem in H2O2 use is it needs to be alkaline, so it won't have the pain.


Replied by Jeff
Venice, Ca

I'm a male with Pelvic pain (diagnosed as pelvic ligament disease or sometimes pelvic floor dysfunction but ultimately the source is toxins, ileocecal valve valve dysfunction with cystitis/prostitis).

Couple things I've found... Ultimately it's a mineral deficiency with an over abundance of toxins in the bowel. I found detox strategies like Phosphatidylcholines Iv's with glutathione to help bring the pain down as well as binders and most important minerals... Balanced minerals like bone up with something like klinghardts the core along with fats like lechithin or vitamin E are needed to buffer the toxins. Sometimes a tens on the kidney lower back might help but its temporary. Also calcium Dglucarate seems to be very good for reducing pain. I've had posts and blogs of similar nature on my FB page.... If you'd like more: