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Need Alkalizing or Other Cancer Remedy

Posted by Pete (Poland) on 01/09/2012

Hi Ted, I live in Poland, I am 42 years old. Couple of months ago I been diagnosed with a very rare bone cancer called chordoma. An operation would be very risky because of the position of the tumor which seats right on top of my spine, at the base of my skull.

In the past few weeks I tried to alkaline my body by eating more vegetables and fruits, giving up meat, white bread, sugar. I need your help! What protocol should I use? Please send me your opinion!

Thank you very much.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Pete: The best remedy if possible is hyperthermia for the area at 42 degrees Celsius at least, DMSO with castor oil may help the area topically and reduce the cancer. The lysine and threonine prevents cancer metastasis, taken hourly for 4 hours, at 1/4 teaspoon each. The vitamin K2 m4, is deficient, it is found in Glakay it is taken at 35 mg of vitamin K2, m4. These are major remedies for the area. I have found gymnema sylvestre 400 mg taken at 4 times a day to control sugar may help, at least. If possible DMSO mixed with some spirulina, or DMSO mixed with butyric acid 10% with aloe vera oil 5% may help contain or reduce cancer. I have tested in dogs and they are successful but the blood sugar of dogs is mostly normal, this is why getting normal blood sugar is a prerequisite to cancer treatment. I only now know of a few supplements that convert tumors to non tumors, these are DMSO (with aloe vera oil), butyric acid, flaxseed oil topically in certain tumors, and topically applied with spirulina with DMSO, where it can be applied on the spinal area. I don't know which topical that is best for you what I do know is DMSO with aloe vera oil is the best one and butyric acid is the other one that I will use. If you are observant enough you should know.

The important supplement for brain / spinal cancer that are important are at least 50 to 100 mg of melatonin, at night and some during the day at meal time 5 mg each, cat's claw, onions, vitamin E, and quercetin. The onions are a prebiotic and can be taken with garlic, and quercetin helps correct dysfunctional mitochondria which exists in cancerous cells.