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Child Feeding Difficulties

Posted by P. on 05/04/2011

Hi Ted,

I have recently discovered earth clinic and have read with interest a great many of your remedies. I wonder if you can help me with my youngest son. He is my third son and as babies they have all had their problems with breastmilk and food sensitivities, but the first two were pretty easy to deal with. The third has been a lot harder and it took me a while to figure it out, but at 3 weeks of age he was very 'colicky' and I knew it was whatever I was eating. I tried eliminating all the usual suspects but after reducing all food intake to white rice and pears he completely came right and was happy and content. I discovered a food group that some are sensitive to, salicylates (all your flavor and color in food). It seemed to fit so I tried sticking to the diet - also no dairy, gluten, and eggs. He was fine. Horrendous diet but happy baby. At around 3 months he developed severe reflux. I didn't realize until 5 months at a routine doctors visit and and in the months that followed he ended up on PPIs and it was the only way I could cope due to all the crying and sleepless nights. At around 6 months he started eating only pears as he couldn't tolerate any other food. At 9 months we took him to a specialist where he explained that he had a very sensitive stomach and would grow out of it by 16 months. I was very thin by this point because of the diet, so much breastfeeding, and him only eating pears. But he started having a supplement containing tolerable oils to help his (surprisingly normal) weight. By 10 months he could tolerate carrots. Now he is 20 months, I've only just got him off the PPIs, I can eat pretty normally now (still breastfeeding), but he is clearly sensitive to salicylates, dairy, haven't tried gluten as none of the family have it, eggs. The only meat he can have is lamb and fish. The list of things he can eat is very short. Sorry to go on but wanted to give you a proper history. Is there anything that springs to mind that might help his digestion or whatever it is that makes him intolerant to so many things? He gets probiotics, cod liver oil, and zinc. I don't mind if you put this on EC. I really appreciated any help or advice you can give, many thanks.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I think it's the acidity in all the foods and some pathogens in the intestines. The third thing is DHA found in salmon fish oil may help in with excessive immunity. The other thing is you can do is humic acid mixed with 1% aloe vera oil and 88% coconut oil.

The acidity can be contained by baking soda after meals 1/8 teaspoon is the simplest of all. The pathogens can be get rid off slowly with the humic acid. The mixture is 0.1% humic acid with coconut oil and 1% aloe vera oil. Mixed in his food say 1/4 teaspoon.

A more complicated formula is baking soda and potassium bicarbonate 50/50% mix.

I had one child who was also allergic to everything except just one or two items. He was cured by alkalization. Then there was another child who was allergic to nearly everything too. but this one I cured with just sea salt. It is taken like 1/8 teaspoon with water for a course of a week. I think he had trace mineral deficiencies.

One thing that you can also do it give him glutathione with detoxes a lot of things. But I used the non effervescent kind and the ones that is swallowed. in the form of N acetyl cysteine. The effervescent kind add two things that made it worse, sugar and aspartame, but this also includes sucralose. I also give them with glutamine and glycine, But this remedy is kept last if other remedies don't work.


P. replies, "Hi Ted, thank you for that. Getting hold of the humic acid may prove difficult here in New Zealand, it seems to be used on soil and in animals but that may be the wrong kind to get? Also I've never heard of aloe vera OIL but will try to find. I'm curious about the salt because he absolutely loves sea salt and I've always wondered if he needs it, so I give him sea salt on all his meals at night. To put it in the water do you mean 1/8 tsp in one glassful and let him drink as much as he wants? I'm hoping for a breakthrough as he gets incredibly grizzly. Many thanks"

Ted replies, "Humic acid can be sterilized by adding vodka, but the humic in itself is sterilized because no bacteria can exist on it. If you are not certain, add a small amount of vodka and let if evaporate for a day. Take sea salt if he needs it because I found children do need it."

P. replies, "Hi Ted,

Does that mean I can buy the fertiliser type used on farms? I can't find aloe vera oil either. I'm wondering about H2O2 therapy as it might stimulate his whole system into working properly. I have 35% food grade but not sure if I should give it to him (diluted obviously) and what the dosage/regime would be. He is nearly 2. I'm keeping up with the salt and baking soda.

I have a further question regarding my 6 year old son. He is very thin and I can never quite figure out what is lacking with him, but I feel despite his healthy diet (and off gluten and dairy) he could be a lot more...something. He has prominent white spots on the back of his tongue (not thrush) and I've been all over the internet and can't find anything on that. He gets upset and tearful easily, quite a stressful and sensitive child. Your help and advice is truly appreciated."

Ted replies, "It's it clean the fertizer type use if farms will have to do. The aloe vera oil if can't be found try extract powder. Yes, H2O2 stimulates and detoxes. It's diluted to 0.5% and can be used as drinking water.

You should try B3 niacinamide and amino acid supplement to deal with the basic issues. If he has weight loss, then B50 will do once a day, which has B1, B2, B3, B5, B7, B9 and B12 at least.


Replied by P.

Ted, please excuse my ignorance, but I've looked all over EC and cannot find how to dilute 35% down to 0.5% - say into one litre of water. You said 30 drops of 3% would be right, so does that mean it would be 2-3 drops of 35%?

Thanks for your advice, will be pumping my 6 yr old full of b vits and aminos!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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To mix 35% down to 0.5% you use 14.49 cc of water to get 1 liter of H2O2 0.5%. Here is how the formula,

(C1 x Amt1)/C2 + Amt1 = Amt2
Where C1 is original concentration of solution in decimal point
C2 is final concentration of solution in decimal point
Amt1 is amount of beginning solutions
Amt2 amount to add to get the final

plug in the numbers:
Since Amt2 is known to be 1.00 liters, C1 is known to be 0.35, and C2 is known to be 0.005,

(0.35xAmt1)/0.005 - Amt1 = 1.00 liters

Amt1(0.35/0.005 -1) = 1.00 liter
Amt1(69) = 1.00 liter
Amt1 = 1/69 liter
Amt1 = 0.014492 liter x 1000 ml per liter
Amt1 = 14.49 milliters

or 14.492 ml to get 1 liter of 0.5% concentration.