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Fragile Skin

Posted by Glenda (Whitehouse, Texas) on 04/01/2007

I am looking for a remedy. My skin is very fragile and the least bump will make it look like I have a blood bruise. These "bruises" take several weeks to heal and make my arms look terrible. Any suggestions, anyone?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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This usually happens around the eyes, but rarely does it happen on the skin in general. However this appears to be thinning of the skin. Certain vitamins that support the skin are sodium ascorbate vitamin C 1000 mg/day, vitamin B5 250 mg/day, vitamin B8 250 mg/day, and oatmeal which is high in silicon. Bruising should easily be handled with both vitamin C and vitamin E. Bruise is also easily formed whenever the blood sugar is high. To reduce such blood sugar or sugar spikes whenever you eat food, just add apple pectin to the food and other food thickeners such as fiber from vegetables. Those will buffer the body's sugar and allow the body to heal faster. Drinking more water helps if the urine color is already yellow. An ideal color that will lower blood sugar, by drinking more water, should cause a light yellow urine, which should reduce the blood sugar helping with the healing of the skin.