Posted by M on 12/01/2007

Would the same apply for the emphysema? Are the lungs more wet with the emphysema as well? I think she is responding to the pneumonia but the emphysema keeps her on Oxygen 24-hours a day? It would be recommended for her to use the H202 3% in a nebulizer? Can the Colloidal Silver be used full strength in the nebulizer and which brand do you recommend or type of Colloidal Silver? Thanks for your help

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I can use a full strength 3% H2O2 as a nebulizer. The key for me is to use just enough so that the stinging doesn't occur. So I might breathe a 3% H2O2 for a minute or two then stop perhaps 10 minutes, then continue is what I have done in the past. In my experience, the frequent use of H2O2 may cause drying, which is good since in a pneumonia is filled with fluids and tends to dry up the fluids filled in the lungs. Therefore common sense is needed as to the frequency of use. Certain anti-fungal aromatherapy smelling salts might be helpful such as camphor for example. One reason why pneumonia is so unresponsive in current medical practice is the fungus that grows in the lungs. A good antifungal remedy that I have used taken internally is to also take 1/4 teaspoon of borax in one liter of drinking water plus 10 drops of 3% H2O2 and 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda and drink this throughout the day for 4 or 5 days to help me. A combination will be synergistic. If a frequent H2O2 use results in a headache, I will take 1000 mg of sodium ascorbate vitamin C. Fungus tends to grow whenever the body is acid, and alkalizing is important. An alternative way if H2O2 is unsuccessful for a couple of days is to use colloidal silver as a nebulizer.