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Ted's Suggestions for Bone Spur in Neck?

Posted by A. (Usa) on 03/23/2015


I need some advice on my pills I'm taking, I'm 37 went to dr for pain in neck found out its a bone spur due to bad posture of my neck ,Dr said its sign of early arthritis as I am a hair stylist always tilting on one side and I have doing it for almost 9 years. I'm also doing physical therapy and Dmso gel every 4 hrs.A ll my bone joints in hand fingers hurt a lot and cracks every few seconds. Please advice soon what should i take please..

2 pills of vitamin C 3 times a day
Lysine 1000mg Once a day and ACV 2 twice a day.
magnesium 500mg once a day.

Can I do borax and how should I do it? Please advise me the exact amount and quantity of water and borax please.

Now I have noticed that my joints keeps cracking and makes noise and my left arm muscles hurt a lot as if someone is pulling from inside. Is my calcium ok or what should I do. My feet hurt a lot and feels tired at all times. Also can I use DMSO on my breast nodules I was diagnosed 2 years ago. Please advice me.

Am I doing anything wrong, it worries me, Ted please guide me with right amount or if I'm missing on anything. Please reply soon. TY

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand

DMSO can be used on breast nodules but it will reduce the irritations if you washed the area clean and add 4 drops of Lavender oil and 10 drops of aloe vera oil to 30 cc of DMSO solution with 0.20 grams of hyaluronic acid applied to area of pain. Apply with cotton balls on a stick. Borax is added 1/8 teas per liter of drinking water a day and newer formula for hyaluronic acid is 1 teaspoon per 1 liter of water without the salt for potential cancer patient. This will reduce the cracking and chrondroitin sulfate also. I don't like glucosamine as it tends to increase blood sugar and that has to be avoided in suspect cancer cases. More direct pain is .25 grams of hyaluronic acid in 30 cc of DMSO in the dropper and apply area of pain and cracking. This will work longer when this is mixed.


Replied by Ash

Please look into MSM and Magnesium.