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What Can Help Painful, Infected Boil in Buttocks Area?

Posted by Sofia (Latin America) on 05/14/2015

Dearest Ted,

I hope you are fine. I am a 28 year old girl from Latin America but currently living in Scandinavia. I wrote to you a few weeks ago. For weeks I had a little bump on the buttock, a few centimetres away from the anus area. I applied coconut oil several times before but it did not go away. Suddenly, overnight a couple days later it became a huge and painful boil so I began to drink turmeric and applied it topically. After a day the boil opened and lots of pus and blood with foul smell came. Next day two other boils next to the first boil appeared and the whole area became inflamed, the size of an orange`s circumference. I could barely walk and stand the constant pain. I went to the doctor and he made three cuts to open them and sent me Dicloxacillinnatrium antibiotics (x4 times/day). I took this for 8 days. The area bled, itched and hurt for days and then became better.

The treatment I gave myself was not to eat fried foods or carbs and never ate after 6pm. I also added zinc once a day and magnesium 2 times a day. There was some improvement but the main bump was still there, dormant. Then I bought colloidal silver and have taken it (3 times a day, one teaspoon under tongue for 30 sec first) for almost a week without results. I stopped the zinc and magnesium. At the same time, I began with the lime bicarbonate formula, taken with warm water twice a day. Now, over two weeks later I have gotten the same bumps and inflammation again and it is painful and tiring. I do not why I have gotten no results with colloidal silver of if there is something i am doing wrong or blocking its effects. I also wonder if the fact I ate salads with dressing or an ice cream and exercised (sweated) had the bumps come back so fast.

Before all these boil issues I had problems with elimination. They started when I was ca. 21 years old and for 1 year ate/drink many diet products which contained aspartame. After that, for years I did not go to the bathroom very often, sometimes just once a week. My fingernails became weaker, less white and brittle. My hair ends split. About my constipation, a few months ago with some changes I was able to do progress and go once every two or three days. All these last few years I have eaten sweets/sugar daily and sea salt or salt in most foods. What may I do or stop doing to heal my body and correct such problems? Many thanks dear and wise Ted.

Sofia from Latin America

P.S. I would also like to make a donation to you for your sharing of information and advice to me regarding my condition. Hugs!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Very briefly, ice cream and salads dressing is the major cause of boils.

Zinc oxide mixed with vaseline 50/50 and couple of drops of peppermint oil and some aloe oil if you can find it. This should help the wound heal somewhat and kill the bacteria causing the boils.


Replied by Mandy

Hi Ted, I hope all is well with you. I had a skin infection 6 years long, Antibiotics are not able to kill it. It is a staph infection. I have been applying raw honey given to me by my friend that harvest the honey. I have been putting it in my nostril and ears. The infection has spread into my ears, skin and scalp. What can I apply inside the noseril and ears? Also do you think I need to do a nasal rinse? Do you think nasal rinse with honey is a good idea? 6 years ago I had a infection on my nose. It was quite a large area. My eyes are also affected, What can I take internally as well? Could you please help me ted?

EC: Dear Mandy,

Unfortunately, Ted had a stroke in 2015 and has not been able to correspond with EC readers since that time. Hopefully one of our wonderful readers will offer you some advice on this thread.

Replied by Tim
Georgia (Rep.of)
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Best wishes to Ted, great man sharing his experience here.

Dear Mandy,

When nothing helps with staph infection, as many others, you must try phage therapy, google it to get access.

Good luck.