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Posted by Mary (San Francisco, CA) on 03/30/2014

Hi Ted,

You have helped me before with a dog and mites and I was deeply grateful and made a contribution to your work.

Now I have an infected tooth and am afraid that I have sepsis. I went through your treatment with aspirin 4x , just 1 lysine (1000mg), some hydrogen peroxide and I used oregano oil on my tooth and internally and I bounced back and also saw an acupuncturist. That treatment was 4 days ago and my temperature was around 97.4.

I was continuing to use oregano oil internally but then felt that it was irritating some of my internal tissues so I stopped for about 2 days and then earlier yesterday I started to crash again. I felt cold, and started to get progressively weaker and feel I might pass out so I began the aspirin again and used 4 doses over 4 hours, then lysine over 4 hours. Oregano oil only in the tooth and on soles of feet. Also ginger boiled in water for drinking, some raw garlic, and some spicy Indian food. I felt much better but now my temp is 96.4 and I don't know if I should go into a hospital. I've read that lysine increases the strength of any drug that might be given.

Should I be concerned about this low temperature even though I feel ok ? I plan to have the tooth pulled, not sure if I should wait for temp to come up before extraction.

Is there something else I should be doing or something I should avoid if I go to the hospital?

Update: I just started drinking some more warm ginger water with a bit of sea salt and my temperature started going up, to 96.8.

And I forgot to mention that I have mild left kidney pain off and on, which has been diminishing, and some positional vertigo which is also diminishing that the acupuncturist said is related to imbalance in the kidneys.

Thank you sincerely.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Low temperature may be low thyroid functions. There are 3 supplements which increases metabolism, logol's iodine, 2 mg dose of lithium, and 400 mcg of selenium yeast. Lysine doesn't increase potency of other drugs since most people are deficient anyway. But low immune system for most people besides lysine are zinc and threonine. The thinking as why lysine increases potency had a lot to do with helping the immune system more then potency. The lithium is ideally taken at night as it makes a person sleepy as same as lugol's iodine. The infected tooth oregano is too irritating I would try clove oil as it is traditionally used it tooth problems is better. Check saliva pH it maybe below 6.5 which make tooth easily infected. To alkalize saliva, would try potassium citrate.

For kidney pain, a simple remedy is lime or lemon juice as citrates remove calcium deposits that causes cyst which causes pain. Another cause is uric acid from alcohol and fructose in fruits and honey and wine.


Replied by Qunal

Dear Sir I am glad to know if sepsis can be treated with turmeric, garlic and honey but SAD part is had this been true heart patients dying every day cause of sepsis would have been using the same treatment... I lost my father due to sepsis initially he faced the heart attack and was recovering too but then doctors said he has been attacked by Sepsis. We treated him in one of the TOP RATED hospital's in the world but to our deep pain we still regret to say that sepsis cant be treated by such things like turmeric, garlic or honey. Had this been true the world's Top Heart Hospitals would have been using the same turmeric and garlic...but never the less the medicines they use as said by them is very strong and is meant to treat the sepsis but still they say that our hands are tied and we are unable to cure Sepsis with such a strong medicine... USA has world's largest record of sepsis cases and I am sure that Doctors in the world do Know about Ayurvedic which use Turmeric Garlic and honey in that case if its Tru why dont they use the same and save millions of life... but that's wrong. Its been just two Years of my father and I still face a sleep less nights that I couldnt save him. after reading your article I am cudnt stop myself to tell the facts... I only know how deeeeeep pain and agony I go thru each and every day.

Warm regards


Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

To Qunal,

About Sepsis;

Other natural remedies might include Colloidal Silver and Echinacea. But the regular medical community seems averse to trying.

I have a good friend who is an orthopedic surgeon and for years have suggested he consider trying colloidal silver on deep wound problems. He always has laughed at the idea. But I visited him recently and a round of sinus infections was going through his household and I again suggested CS. He didn't laugh this time. He said that he now dresses his patients after surgery in a bandage that has a silver coating to it which has helped with deep wound infections.

Many less infections, he reports. So now he is more serious about what CS might be able to do.

Well if silver atoms can help with wound infection, might it not with sepsis? Or colds? Or Ebola?

Closed minds have killed millions of people.

Replied by Prioris
Fl, US

Qunal, the reason hospitals don't use natural medicines to treat people and cure them is a political question. The short answer is - yes, they are aware that natural medicines cure but they decided that curing people wasn't on their agenda.

Qunal, the fact that you did your best is all your father would have wanted. There are always "could have's". Being in deep psychological pain, you need closure.

The best thing I can recommend is this. Find someone with actual clairvoyant ability and see if they can contact your father so both of you can speak with each other. This may help bring you the closure you need.

With that said, you need to do your due diligence. I can't recommend this to people who are unable to or won't do their due diligence. There are fakes. See if there is a credible organization which certifies such abilities and ask for references.

Replied by Sherri
West Finley, Pa

Pharmaceutical companies will not allow natural treatments. They stand to lose too much. Doctors are aware of alternative treatment but will have their practice threatened. I once worked for a doctor that went through it.