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Can Ted Suggest a Treatment Protocol for Bell's Palsy?

Posted by Kim (Chicago, Il) on 07/21/2010

Thank you for this opportunity! I have been following Earthclinic w/Ted for several years now and have had great success with gaining energy on Apple Cider Vinegar drink and H2O2 therapy. However; I have been trying to get Ted's response to Bell's Palsy. I sent him an email several months ago and tried to get his response through Yahoo chat. . . To no prevail. I have been stricken with Bell's for 7 months now and although I am improving and am getting feeling back in face. . . I am still concerned with residual effects and whether it will come back on the other side. (which I keep hearing about) Most seem to believe Bell's is from Herpes Simplex Virus that causes cold sores. . . Well, I've never had a cold sore and have been told they are hereditary. I have read about Edward Cayce's cures with the castor oil pack. . . However; no one says where to place the pack for Bell's! Still on the abdomen? I have not found much here on Earthclinic regarding Bell's, so if Ted could possibly help, I would be so ever grateful! This Bell's has led to anxiety and I now believe I am suffering from fibromyalgia from this stress! Please help! Thank you in advance!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Certain viruses can go along the facial nerves which leads to paralysis and also inflammation. There are some viruses that damage the motor neurons that don't lead to inflammation also, such as adenoviruses. If the cause is viral, the remedy is straightforward, it's 1/2 teaspoon of lysine (if in tablet form maybe around 1000 to 1500 mg) and is taken hourly for 16 hours for only two days, thereafter it's taken at hourly doses for 3 doses before sleep, and one dose in the morning which is 12 hours apart from the last evening dose.

As far as castor oil packs is concerned it works by accelerating the aging process of the virus and other bugs but to a lesser extent the healthy cells. The castor oil packs with hot water bag, for example is applied along the facial nerves near the lower part of the ear to the front part of the ear which leads to the caical nerves. That's as close as I can make it. A few virus may encourage inflammation so a lavender oil applied to that area may also helped. I believe castor oil contain very low doses of ricin, which actually causes cells to wither quick and accelerate the aging process, rather than specifically targeting the virus cells alone. Lysine may not be available for some people in rural area, and I often substitute with aspirin 500 mg dissolved in a cup of water with vitamin C 1000 mg taken hourly for only four hours for only one day as a test to see if the cause is viral. If it is viral there should be some improvement the next day. Some condition of Bell's palsy if the viral is the cause is likely to have some fever during the first day of lysine supplementation. However, this remedy is only short term, a longer term may require similar or less dose at same intervals as lysine, of the other amino acid, including glutamine, 1000 mg, threonine, and perhaps iodine (Lugol's one drop evening only), and just zinc acetate 25 mg for only three days. As to Lyme disease as the cause it may respond positively to hydrogen peroxide and borax, but taking hydrogen peroxide too long such as over a week or so, such as more than 2 weeks, this will deplete the body of glutathione, in which case you need an extra dose of glycine and N acetyl cysteine to raise the body's glutathine indirectly, or just taking the glutathione directly, but at a significantly higher cost then just taking glycine and N acetyl cysteine. A maintenance dose is at least required with the lysine three times a day at 1500 mg, should the conditions improve. I have as yet to test the effect of TMG (trimethylglycine) with lysine to see how well that works against Bell's palsy whose cause are viral in nature, but may not work if the cause if non viral. A lyme may likely respond temporarily well to antibiotics, but they may get antibiotic resistant. Using aspirin against Bell's palsy may help but long term usages isn't helpful, not for reasons of ulcers (that can be prevented by dissolving the aspirin in a cup of water) or bleeding (that too can be neutralized with vitamin K or vitamin D), but may lead to nerve deafening. Hence, to prevent nerve deafening B1 Thiamine 400 mg a day is at least is needed. The other perhaps is B12, with possibly a twice monthly dose of B50, vitamin B complex.

In a few cases, a Bell's Palsy may have other neurotoxins, as in coffee, aspartame, caffeine, and even homocysteine, that leads to worsening of condition. It's most important to get supplements that support myelination as Bell's palsy leads to demyelination. In most cases it's likely to be a Herpes Simplex. In that case it is easily treated with lysine, threonine, and weekly dose of zinc. At dosages mentioned. Reducing the viral load is easily done. The hard part is to reverse the damage due to demyelination. As far as I know, the application of progesterone cream used for post menopausal women can be used by men and women and is applied at 1/8 teaspoon of progestone cream applied on the facial cheek area from the front of the ear down to the neck area. The cream is absorbed transdermally to encourage myelination. It is applied for only twice a week and it's effect should last an average of 3 days. The total length of application for progesterone is applied for roughly between 1 to 3 months' time.


Replied by Kim
Chicago, Il

Thank you for your response Earthclinic and Ted! I have the L-Lysine, vitamin C and aspirin. I have also bought progesterone creme. I am ready to begin the aspirin therapy tomorrow morning. I have reservations on the Lysine therapy. . . As 16,000 mg x 2 days seems like an excessive amount. Please advise if this is correct. If this is correct. . . I may need to wait for a non-committed weekend, as I'm afraid a fever would not go over so well while working with the public! I hereby promise to report my therapy choices and results to this post! Thanks again!

Replied by Kim
Chicago, Il

Greetings! On July 25, I drank a mix of 486g of aspirin and a packet of Emergen-C in 6 oz. Of filtered water every hour for 4 consecutive hours. No changes, as of 12 hours passing. Explanations on mix: Aspirin choices were 325g or 81g (considered low-dose) I chose the low-dose, name brand so I would not have to cut the tablets into a guessing dose. However; I made the mistake of buying 'coated tablets' and had to go back and buy baby aspirin because the coated tablets will not dissolve in water. The baby aspirin dissolved immediately. At 81g a tablet, I used 6 tablets to equal 486g. (14g short of Ted's recommendation of 500. . . )

I also could not use my preferred vitamin C, as it took a couple of hours to dissolve in water. I went to find liquid vitamin C and noticed the pre-packaged vitamin powder mix with 1000g of vitamin C already in it. (Emergen-C) Not sure if the added vitamins would affect the results or not, I chose to try it first though. By the 3rd dose, I was feeling bloated. The 4th dose was hard to get down. No other side effects noticed. However; oddly enough, I awoke with a nasty headache this morning. No migraine. . . Just an annoying headache! Awaiting confirmation on the recommended 16, 000 mg from Ted. Am trying to plan a time to dive into Lysine therapy, as my schedule is full for next 2 weeks. Will post any additional info. . . As available."

EC: Hi Kim, Emergen-C contains aspartic acid, an excitotoxin. Read more posts on the subject here:

Replied by Kim
Chicago, Il

Thanks for the asparic acid info... I did not know! Starting to feel like nothing is safe anymore. It has become very time consuming and maddening...Trying to research, investigate and rationalize the pros/cons of everything we intend to try. Maybe this is the point where big pharma gets us to throw our hands up in complete exhaustion...! Update with possible effects from aspirin therapy: I felt good yesterday, after taking some Excedrin for the headache. Ate light meals... 1) Cup of Organic yogurt with half a cup of fresh blueberries 2) cup of watermelon with a cup of cottage cheese 3) cup of watermelon, homegrown red leaf lettuce with 6 sliced apricots and homemade peanut dressing. Drinks included one cup coffee, 16 oz. ACV with lemon & honey, and water. Nothing high in sodium! Now today I am suffering severe bloating and swelling, most noticeably in hands and face. I feel heavy, slow, (almost lethargic), brain fog, no energy. My opinion is... side effects of Emergen-C!

Replied by Kim
Chicago, , Il

Hello again! It's July 30th, and I am still awaiting on confirmation of Ted's Lysine recommendation. As I am just trying to confirm that a minimum of 16, 000 mg of Lysine for 2 consecutive days is correct. Also, the then suggested 3 dose before sleep and 1 dose upon waking (12 hour interval). . . How long is this protocol taken? Thanks again for your advice! Have a great weekend!

Replied by Robert
Martinez, Ca

The problem based upon your list is not vitamin C which we do not manufacture & need to supplement, but certain food items namely dairy & peanuts as you state "yogurt, cottage cheese & homemade peanut dressing". Search out cassein, lactose & peanut allergies. I treated a client recently with the same symptoms you described & narrowed it down to dairy cassein. These symptoms vanished when the dairy was eliminated. We humans are programmed from birth to consume non-human mammalian milk products intended to raise infant mammals. The mammals do not consume the milk beyond the infant stage. Raw dairy is most preferable if you really need the milk, for infants allergic to cow, goat milk is substituted if human milk is not available. Other than that, cows eat vegies & are very strong as do other vegie eating mammals. I would suggest you read "Never be Sick Again" by Raymond Francis. There is plenty of info on the net for treating BP. One person ate celery several times per day & after 2-months she was relieved. Hope you find relief.

Replied by Kim
Chicago, , Il

Thank you Robert. The cottage cheese and yogurt are staple meals for me so, I do not believe the new symptoms were from dairy or peanuts. However, I am experimenting with vegan/raw meals now. (day 4)

And, yes, I am aware of other sites with stories of BP. I was hoping to receive a confirmation on Ted's 16, 000g of Lysine before venturing onto other recommendations. Guess I will need to keep searching. Thank you again!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
391 posts

If it is taken hourly doses for 16 hours with 1000 mg lysine, is fine. But there must be improvement within 3 days on the average, and on fourth or fifth day we used maintenance dose, such as three times a day at 1000 mg each, such as every four hours. It's a quick remedy, and I believed a more refined remedy is needed here, such as an addition of 1000 mg of glutamine along with lysine, at 1000 mg each also I think is helpful. The glutamine and lysine can be considered twins in both dose and frequency, including the maintenance dose mentioned.


Replied by Kim
Chicago, Il

Finally gathered the courage to follow the Lysine Therapy. For 2 days, I took 1000mg each of Lysine and Glutamine for 16 consecutive hours. On days 3&4, I followed a maintenance dose of one morning dose and 3 consecutive hourly doses in the evening. Will continue maintenance dose for a few more days... Possibly a month, as I am uncertain how long the maintenance dose was to be continued. (possible 5 days?)

No visual improvements. Possible increase in tingling/twitching in the paralyzed facial area. May be purely mental hope. Plan to continue maintenance dose for possibly up to a month, as I've noticed Lysine Therapy being used in other ailment remedies. Into 9th month and still seeking a full recovery from Bell's Palsy! Any new suggestions are welcomed. Thanks!

Replied by Kim
Chicago, Il

Well it's been a year! Still having small improvements but, still do not have full use of the left side of my face. My smile is still crooked and I still bite my upper lip alot while chewing food. Being overly tired or feeling stressed continue to worsen my condition by tightening my face up and feeling like creepy crawlers are in my face... Pretty creepy feeling! Still have hope for a full recovery though! :)

Replied by Deborah
Kansas City, Mo.

Ted I was diagnosed with bell s palsy 4 months ago with a lot of improvement...I still need my left eye and mouth to return to normal. I'm taking l..lysine but only 3 tablets a day equaling 1500 a day. Just to be sure are you saying I can take lysine every hour? Can you write out a chart. I'm confused, also a cancer patient and adrenal failure

Replied by Lou
Tyler, Tx

My husband had facial shingles and now Bell's Palsy. I know coffee, wheat and nuts are a no-no with shingles. Probably applies to Bell's Palsy too.

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Hello Lou,

Relative to your husband's Bell's Palsy and Shingles...

I've had both. Knocked them out with topical applications of Colloidal Silver and DMSO (Google DMSO 60 minutes Dr. Jacobs).

With a fifty/fifty mix I apply with a white cloth as a poultice.

Replied by Ula

Hello. Where did you apply exactly colloidal silver and dmso?

Replied by Gina
South Carolina

Thank you for the tip, I'm assuming you apply to the face in the affected area?