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Dietary Recommendations?

Posted by A reader (South Africa)

My child will be 4 yrs old on the 02 May 2005. We have just discovered that she might be Autistic, doctors are still testing her. She does not eat dairy products but she likes chips and sweets. Can you give me more info. about dietary staff that might be affecting her?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Autism could be either mercury toxicity or a vaccination when the baby was born. So you need to get her to eat about 1/3 cup chinese parsley every day for 30 days. Conditions should improve.

Secondly, exposure to x-ray of the chest can shrink the thymus glands which can also bring about autism. Please understand that if the child is overvaccinated it not only causes autism from mercury and toxins, it will also shrink the thymus gland and can thus shorten the lifespan of your child. The thymus gland is the body's immune system. Once the thymus glands reaches a size of 1 ounce, it will no longer responds to infections, and immune system will no longer work as it should. Keep vaccinations to a minimum. Thymus size determines the lifespan of your child.

Therefore, you can restore thymus gland by eating broccoli. Vitamin D supplements might be helpful at about 2000 I.U. per day for a month. Some zinc supplements such as zinc acetate or zinc gluconate will activate the thymus.

This is the simplest treatment I can imagine. Try and see how effective this is.