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Astigmatism in 5 Year Old Boy

Posted by Father (Anonymous) on 11/30/2011

Hello sir, My 5 year old son is detected with astigmatism of 3 diopters. Will making changes in his diet help to minimize astigmatism? Please do suggest what natural remedies and what food can I give him to help in this matter.

Thanks a lot.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I think he took too much candies, soda, acid forming foods, such as aspartame, or too much carbs as the culprit when people his age should consider a more complete protein diet, supplemented with vegetables. The astigmatism is caused by irregularly shaped corneas (corneal astigmatism) or irregularly shaped lenses (lenticular astigmatism), caused by inadequate development due mostly to lack of lysine in our diets or inadequate vitamin C, at the very least, but also important are the potassium and taurine which control the pressure of the eyes.

But there is the need to address whether the child is highly strung, which brings stress. Near work and dark rooms especially could make astigmatism much worse, along with the excessive use of near work such as computer games, and hand held devices. So obviously more outdoor activities that require eye movements such as soccer, basketball, tennis, for example that will address the movement of eyes, so the corneas and lenses could be adequately corrected. There are supplements that will correct the development but avoiding sweets especially and carbs is the best ways I can imagine.


Replied by Father

Hello, Thanks for ur reply. My kid has corneal astigmatism. Nowadays I do give him carrot juice daily. He doesn't watch tv or play video games. Will natural diet cure him? Please do mention what food can be helpful.

Will eye exercise also be helpful for corneal astigmatism? Can naturopathic treatment work to reduce astigmatism?

Doctors say may be it is from birth and nothing can be done now to reduce it and it will stay constant. Please do put some light on this matter. Ur suggestion will be very helpful for me. Thanks in advance."

12/21/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "One of best known remedies for astigmatism is to reduce glycation, which is involved in this condition. A couple of supplements may help. Carnosine 500 mg x 2, PABA may need more then 500 mg a day, but don't know how much. Need more test from my side to figure out.

Though your doctors may say it is from birth and nothing can be done, it doesn't hurt to try, and that is how I make many new discoveries.