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Posted by Josh (Anon) on 02/08/2014

Hi Ted,

First of all, I want to thank you for all you have written at EarthClinic! I have read what you have written about many topics, and I feel like I learn a lot every time.

You mentioned in one post a while back that you cured your asthma with fulvic acid. Can you please tell me what sort of dosage and schedule you used?

I don't have actual asthma attacks, but I always feel like I need more breath, I yawn constantly, and I've had a dry cough for the last few years. These things seem to be made worse by anxiety and allergies...


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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My own findings indicate fungus in the lung as major causes. This actually work better then over the counter medicines. The pharmacy companies know this and they try to lobby sucessfu?ly codex alimentarius and limiting chemicals access to the individuals. The most important is Lugol's iodine. If unavailable povidone iodine is second best. The preferred concentration is 2.5% and can be adjusted if not improving for Lugol's. Is taken at 5 drops in increments of 5 drops to maximum accumulated drops to 15 drops. Fulvic acid powder of liquid is taken at 1/2 teaspoon at 2 to 5%. For powder just 1/16 teaspoon once or twice or according to conditons. To reduce anxiety initiated asthma averge dose niacinamide vitamin b3 is 500 mg. Ted