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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 07/23/2008 384 posts

I had to report the asthenia remedy, which is actually a combination of chronic fatigue syndrome with a major sleeping problem. I actually had two remedies, then it was reduced to one remedy. The first remedy I tried is

1/4 teaspoon of sodium carbonate plus 1/4 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate in a glass of water taken twice day.

This one worked, but one case of a professor in Romania who had this condition did report dramatic improvement for a couple of weeks then it stopped working sometimes, so I changed it to this remedy, as he seem to need certain monoatomic elements found in a sea salt, therefore this was used instead:

1/8 teaspoon of sodium carbonate plus 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda and 1/8 sea salt in a glass of water taken 3 or 4 times a day, especially before sleep. They may taken to 1/4 of each, but I always believe in erring on the side of lower dose first, followed by a higher dose if there's no problems in such use. While this is NOT a perfect remedy and 1/8 teaspoon of potassium citrate or potassium bicarbonate can be added, the single biggest problem I encountered is getting even just sodium carbonate and once condition improves, then potassium can be added once a source can be found. The effect of the sea salt added is that there is trace monoatomic element which seems to have consistency in the overall asthenia, in at least this case, lead to a complete cure.

Certain other supplements may be needed such as hydergine and piracetam taken together, but those aren't taken everyday, such as taken only 3-4 days a week and if condition improves to a certain extent, they can be discontinued.

The entire remedy is actually based on the simple theory in that an acid brain, leads to inability to sleep. The effect of alkalinity can only work with just the sodium carbonate, even a small amount such as just 1/8 teaspoon in a glass of water is what causes the alkalizing effect, but the actual use and studies were based on the baking soda and sodium carbonate, often called the carb-bicarb remedy that they found the alkalizing effects of the brain is noted. This has an effect of quieting of the brain and improved concentration and can be used in other conditions such as ADD and ADHD in adults, and quite possibly in children.

The reason why I needed to update this information is that only a couple of months ago that the Romanian professor contacted me, he was already suffering from Chronic Fatigue plus astenia. This means he can barely sleep 1-2 hours a day for a several years, so the case was not easy. Initially he used just baking soda because he cannot find sodium carbonate (washing soda) and that didn't work as well and the record of using the baking soda alone was spotty. For example in one week, he may have some improved sleeping issues in only 2 days or 3 days out of a week. I knew that problem already so it took almost a month for him to get the sodium carbonate somehow. Within the first day of acquiring that, along with baking soda added, the improvement were so dramatic, his wife was surprised. As if the incident was a fluke, it continued to work for a couple of weeks continuously, until he reported some other problems, which was corrected with my newer ORMUS recipes where sea salt was added as mentioned previously. Monoatomic elements is found in most sea salt along with the added sodium carbonate and baking soda seemed to do the trick. One month has passed by and he was quiet. Then just today, July 21, 2008, he told me he recently completed twice 100 kilometer bicycle trip, which completely surprised me, not by his energy levels, but the other things he report, such as writing may scientific papers a month, which the energy levels and mental facilities is near youthful levels, that I didn't think was possible, since he is in his early 60s. Therefore this is just to post some improvements that relates to astenia and the newer use of remedy."


05/27/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand writes: "For the past month, I was following a couple of case of asthenia which is a form of sleep disorder where a person have great difficulty sleeping as well as extreme weakness. I traced the condition to a form of metabolic acidosis which occurs in the brain which causes the lack of sleep. The basis of the problem is that between 20-30 of the calories consumed are used by the brain, and about 80% of the oxygen we breathe goes directly to the brain. As a result the carbon dioxide from such metabolism in the brain creates carbonic acids, which leads to many conditions I have found in the past from hyperactive disorder, holding grudges (from angular cingulate area of the brain), violence (from metabolic acidosis in the left temporal regions of the brain of men), depression (from pre frontal cortex of the brain in female having metbolic acidosis).

The metabolic acidosis effects a wide variety of condition on the human emotions and personality disorders, but this is beyond the posting here. However, there are a couple of cases I noticed a complete cure, if sodium carbonate and baking soda remedies were taken.

However the background information is in order. The idea came from studies in CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) where the injection of baking soda (or sodium carbonate) helps in revival but quite often certain brain damages does occur in event of a stroke for example, where heart stoppages leads to certain brain death. To reduce the problem of brain death, baking soda is employed by ER to help revive. One of the aspect of the doctors is to improve recovery with minimal brain death. Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate were employed to alkalize the body and reduce the carbonic acid ( which is carbon dioxide) in the body so that the brain gets alkalized. In some cases the injection of sodium bicarbonate lead to slight acidity in the brain cells, so what the scientist does is to use sodium carbonate mixture with sodium bicarbonate at a 1: 1 molar solution, which is really equal atomic weight mixture instead of by weight mixture, injected into the patients and animals to improve recovery and minimize brain damage.

The idea of using sodium carbonate as an added mixture is that the sodium carbonate once injected will react with the carbonic acids and carbon dioxide in the body to become sodium bicarbonate. Further the sodium bicarbonate will neutralize some more carbon dioxide, but once it reaches its limits, the sodium bicarbonate will eventually break down in the water and carbon dioxide again. Therefore, sodium carbonate is employed as a more effective ways of absorbing more carbon dioxide in extreme cases where there is high carbon dioxide pressure, which often exists in the brain. In the studies such as these it was found that sodium bicarbonate does create some mildly acid brain cells due to the chemical limitations of sodium bicarbonate in absorbing the acidity of the carbon dioxide. What they did miss out was that some small amount of potassium bicarbonate would even out the acidosis effect. But in most healthy individuals, the acid the results of baking soda doesn't happen. It seems to occur in these extreme cases. However, if the mixture such as what the scientists called "carbicarb" mixture, a sodium bicarbonate and sodium carbonate mixture was used the scientist found out that the brain cells did become more alkaline as they are hoping for reducing the problem of brain cells getting killed by metabolic acidosis.

Apparently the studies in improving the recovery of dogs by artificially inducing a heart attack was found to be "statistically insignificant" although the carbicarb mixture did come out ahead, and in some cases was better then the baking soda. However in many other cases not involving causing heart attacks artificially but through measurement of biochemical parameter, the carbicarb came out superior in all respects. The issue that the scientist did miss out on is that a sodium sulfide only in parts per million if added to the carbicarb mixture would improve the recovery and survival of dogs artificially inducing a heart attacks since trace parts per million Hydrogen sulfide is one of the key chemical messengers used by the brain necessary for the cells to reduce it's metabolism thus demanding less oxygen and could provide the clues toward limited suspended animation, without the brain damage associated with oxygen deprivation. So researchers have limited understanding on that matter. However, the carbicarb mixture was an important finding towards alkalizing the brain, thus reducing the problems of metabolic acidosis associated with many brain biochemical disorders such as sleeplessness, astenia, anxiety, violences and as well as brain cell recovery.

The brain cell regeneration and recovery is an interesting point because in some cases of astenia, what you have is a metabolic acidosis of certain regions of brain cells leading to certain behavioral disorders such as violence in the left temporal region, hyperactive disorder which occurs in the prefrontal lobes, nitpicky or holding grudges from the cingular disorder region. In such a condition the brain cells is hyperactive induced by metabolic acidosis due to excessive buildup of carbon dioxide. This happens most dramatically in astenia where a person can't sleep and very weak.

Therefore what I found is 1/4 teaspoon of sodium carbonate plus 1/4 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate in 1/2 glass of water taken about three times a day, once in the morning, noon, and two hours before sleep works consistently in all cases i have witnessed, and these are extreme cases where these people simply have trouble sleeping for years.

As to the weakness or lack of energy the important supplements are magnesium gluconate 250-500 mg, vitamin E 200-400 IU, and vitamin B complex usually the B50 or B100 kind. However, vtiamin E, B complex and magnesium need not be taken everyday. Usually once every three days is usually sufficient.

In case of some people who are forgetful, have a very mild case of alzheimer, usually recent research points to excessive free metal zinc and some aluminum, usually from excessive fluoride and chlorine in drinking water which causes the brain to have higher heavy metals as presence of fluoride for example increases the body's absorption of aluminum by 600%. I also wondered that other heavy metals may be increased from such such fluoridation effects too. Therefore the brain needs to reduce buildup of heavy metals such what I used is 500 mg of L-Carnsine usually once or twice a day maybe helpful.

Therefore the effects of astenia and sleep disorder or sleepleness can be best helped with the carbicarb mixture by causing the brain cells to be more alkaline as the sodium carbonate portion absorbs most of the Carbon dioxide pressure. It is this issue that the carbicarb is used. I am now further looking into this mixture to see the potentials in other behavioral disorders related to metabolic acidosis of the brain. However, this remedy IS NOT going to work at all if some people take formaldehyde and methanol forming aspartame and sugar free products. It kills the brain cells. Therefore it is far more effective if aspartame and even tomatoes (has methanol attached to pectin) is avoided in more sensitive people. It should be noted that aspartame is so dangerous, it is possible to murder someone if that person is unlucky to happen to take diet products containing aspartame and taking a creatine supplements at the same time. Or perhaps aspartame along with a very salty products such as potato chips. In fact there is a case of a woman wrongfully accused of murder and in jail for 50 years because her husband, being a bodybuilder was taking a lot of creatine and diet Gatorade which had aspartame. The doctors found the dying person to be high of methanol, unfortunately, these are metabolized further in the body to formaldehyde and the doctors used ethyl alcohol which while it reduces the toxicity of the methanol, it also kills off the brain cells from the alcohol itself. My own findings is the methanol toxicity can be reduced by a topical application of vinegar or perhaps a supplement of large amounts of baking soda and vinegar, where the resultant reaction is sodium acetate which seems to reduce the inflammation of the methanol which burns the cellular tissues. This can easily be proven if methanol alcohol was accidentally spilled on to the hands or arms where my own remedy were to get a bottle of vinegar to reduce the burning of the neural cells. It effects the same way on the brain, which is why aspartame can cause multiple sclerosis, blindness and in my case macular degeneration and deafness. Of course i found quickly and the condition went away, with further supplements of vitamin B complex.