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Disodium Edta Good for Alzheimers and Stroke Prevention?

Posted by D. (NY, NY)

I have a question, should I give a little disodium EDTA to my mother for her Alzheimer disease and as a preventive medicine for hearth stroke or should I wait for an emergency?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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... Lead and mercury is relatively high in United States, as manufacturing standards try to produce any foods below 10 ppm, while safe levels is deemed to be below 2 ppm. So there is an 8 ppm dangers here that the mainstream authorities is overlooking. Further food processing with added heavy metals doesn't count, so it may well be over 10 ppm of lead and perhaps much higher mercury then they actually anticipated. What is most interesting is common metal toxicity at least from my water faucet is that most faucet systems are brass, (especially the inside) which is bad news while the exterior of the faucet is a nice chrome look. It's bad news because they are the major source of copper and zinc, which causes alzheimer and not just the aluminum.

Therefore an alzheimer condition, at least in the research world, pretty much agrees the excessive existence of free metal zinc (and perhaps copper) that is shorting out the system. Just imagine a rod of copper, and a rod of zinc in an electrolyte solution and the electrical flows between them shorts out the neural system, and your brain. It works like an anode and a cathode battery.

The reason why amyloid beta is in the excess, because the amyloid beta is what drives out the excessive metal. Therefore, it helps to take some disodium EDTA, but should be buffered by adding baking soda too.

Thefore to remove excess zinc, it is not just the disodium EDTA, to remove heavy metals, but all faucets should be replaced with ceramic faucets, or at least a plastic kind. And this is not from theory, I have had exposures myself from my own faucets that doesn't just kill off the nerves in the brain, it may disturb the optic nerves and auditory nerves, leading to vision problems and hearing problems. Carnosine is one that directly helps remove metals zinc and perhaps some other copper too, and hence, 500 mg of carnosine taken two times a day or three times a day may help. MSM may further help the condition.

Replied by Denise
Penn VAlley, CA

Ted, I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and also have a family history of early onset Alzheimers. (Two older sisters diagnosed in their late 50's. I am 56!!!) My question is: can I use boron for fibro. and L-carnosine, sodium EDTA and Turmeric for Alzheimers together!