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Is Cayenne Pepper Okay to Take If You Have Adrenal Fatigue?

Posted by Loren (Queens, NY)

Hi Ted: I have an urgent question for you. I was recently diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and would like to know if I can continue using cayenne pepper or if this would further aggravate the adrenals since cayenne is considered a stimulant. Please let me know asap.


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Loren:

The best remedy for adrenal fatigue that has little problems is holy basil. That's taken in fresh leaves or a tea is fine and taken such as three times a day. Generally speaking other possible remedies are clove leave, clove tea, and licorice extract, taken alone or in combination is fine. However I think holy basil is good and restore the energy levels. However, as supermarkets and health foods are concerned they don't carry a lot of products that I like to buy. A cayenne is often fine if they work, if not we just discontinue, improvement is noted within minutes of taken them, usually 30 minutes. If it works we can see within that time frame of to 1 hour. If they don't work we switched. Adrenal fatigue goes hand in hand with chronic fatigue and the easiest remedy if none of those are available is 10 drops H2O2 3% in one glass of water. This should at least provide a quick pick me up that lasts for about 2 hours and may need some replenishing by taking them again.

Some woman are on anti-androgen supplements and when you discontinue you get a terrible adrenal fatigue too, or even this occurs when a person takes the anti-androgen, commonly marketed as Androcur, or a more technical name of cypoterone, as a way to treat PCOS. Although people with adrenal fatigue are also calcium sensitive so the addition of magnesium may help reduce the ovarian pain, but excess calcium in the tissues along with their glandular system as in adrenal glands, may help reduce some of those problem.

In any event a cayenne or tabasco or hot sauce may also be used, besides the cayenne peppers is possible if there's not problem about stomach upset and the energy levels were helpful. If not I might try other remedies such as holy basil. It won't cause irritation of the glandular system but seems to help clear the blood of pathogens using the cayenne peppers. The only problem I see is some people may have intestinal upsets after taking too much hot spices, as in cayenne peppers.


Replied by Mrs Onion
Martinsburg, Wv


I haven't been diagnosed with Adrenal fatigue yet, but I have all the symptoms. I had a complete hysterectomy in Nov 09 & have had muscle & joint pain severely since then. I've tried just about everything, but haven't had a lot of success. I was reading in one of your responses about Holy Basil & adrenal fatigue and you were saying that with adrenal fatigue sometimes you are sensitive to calcium. I haven't been able to take calcium supplement since my surgery. I can tolerate vit d & do take extra of that & have also tried to supplement with magnesium again (as I used to take it every day), but every time I do it causes pain in my muscles & where my left ovary used to be. Is that odd? Can you give me some advice?