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Lifelong Series of Addictions

Posted by S (Anon) on 11/24/2012

My brother is addicted to an opiate called suboxene and cigarettes. He has been addicted to many things such as alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, pain killers, etc. He takes suboxene because he believes it helps him avoid the other addictions. He has a heart of gold so he is sensitive to life. i haven't been selfless enough to help him. I help him as much as i can financially but this situation is difficult. He has been struggling with addiction since 15 years old. Please help.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The best cure for addiction in general, is endorphin frequencies of 111.11 Hz octaves, using either sound waves, which is faster and cheaper, or electrical which is slower but equally effective. This is promoted in Bob Beck's devices, or it can also be used with red LED devices using the endorphin frequencies, of its various octaves. The effective frequencies are those below the 1000 Hz frequencies, and above the delta frequencies of 1 Hz, so the covered range in the sound or electrical is in Hz is 1.74, 3.47, 6.94, 13.89, 27.78, 55.55, 111.11, 222.22, 444.44, and 888.88. Played simultaneously using the sound, over 10 frequencies at the same time using any sound generators that are freeware if you want. Imagine you have two grandfather clocks and they are not synchronized, or all the girls who have different menstruation periods, they will all go in the same pattern, similar if you use the sound or electrical therapies, the body will produce the same frequencies, which produces endorphins.

The endogenous endorphin production by stimulation of the sound frequencies will help the body produce endorphins naturally and no longer will the body require outside sources to stimulate them, and as a result, no longer addicted.


11/29/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Addiction: Which is best? Sound or electrical waves to increase endorphin levels? What is the machine called that produces these sound waves?

Sota instruments makes a Biotuner, although I have found programming myself to be better than Biotuner, using the BCX ultra, since Biotuner don't include different octaves, 88% duty cycles, and sound frequency may also work faster than electrical played on a maximum of 32 frequencies at once on a stereo system. Why don't you try freeware? Can't recommend one, but there are plenty out there.


Replied by Angie
San Francisco, Ca

Hi! I came across your blog about the healing frequencies from Bob Beck and I had a warning. The Bio Tuner caused me instant Tinnitus. It has been 2 months so far and I am PRAYING for healing soon. According to Sota, there have been other cases of their unit starting the ringing and it has gone away. but only after several months to a year.

My comment is not only to use caution but to understand what went wrong? Any suggestions to properly use sound to reverse the damage?

I hope you may have a better understanding of how to safely use these the frequency to heal instead of harm. :(

Any advice or direction?

Thank you!


Replied by Cheryl

I put a question to Ted yesterday on earth clinic about being addicted to Seroquel. I see this remedy of sounds. Where do you get it? I already have ringing in the ear. If anyone else has any answers for me I am interested Art? Bill? or whose knowledgeable in this field, I am 72 years old.