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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 11/20/2010 383 posts

A Bangkok earthclinic reader told me I had no postings on teething problem, so here it is:

Teething problem requires supplements that support the developing teeth and children tend to be low on lysine and threonine, plus some general amino acid supplement. The lysine and threonine tend to support bone growth while lysine supports calcium retention and threonine for teeth development. The dosage for a one year old, is that a 500 to 1000 mg of lysine is mixed in a milk bottle or mixed in other milk formulas, such as whey protein, soy milk, etc. The threonine dosages roughyly is around 500 to 1000 mg. Usually if the child doesn't have colds and flus, then 500 mg a day should do it, but if they do have some sort of illness then 1000 mg is taken only two days. Vitamin C is also required and needs to be mixed in a standard milk formula, usually 500 mg. If the child has loss of appeitite or too thin, sometimes a weekly dose of vitamin B complex help, at least it reduces problems concerning the gum infections. Vitamin C and lysine also aids in healing of gums. As far as painkillers is concerned, I generally avoid their use, but I may use aspirin from time to time, if there is illness associated with teething issues, usually a baby aspirin one or two a day for only a few days and that's mixed with milk formulas to reduce their side effects and reduce their concentration so the child won't experience aspirin's side effects, which are sometimes neutralized with vitamin C as it promotes healing of the gums also.