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Posted by E on 10/13/2007

Replied by Ted Donate

Bangkok, Thailand
Esther: Baking soda is a food used for coooking or as foodalone and they sell them as such. Hence a legalwarning is needed for them to avoid improper use.

Blood pressure is due to chloride component of thesodium chloride, rather than the sodium. The bodyneeds to retain a Sodium ratio higher than a chloride,such as a ratio of Sodium to Chloride of 1: .70, forexample.

The remedies I recommend were always below theirwarning anyway. Also it is taken only 5 days out of aweek only (baking soda or ACV and baking soda). Thusall the remedies mentioned were within their warningwith exception of the sodium issue. I can easily raiseanyone's blood pressure with a chlorinated water,sugar, and common table salt. A sodium retentionoccurs whenever the body retains too much chlorine inhis or her body, from eating too much vegetable oilfood, and cheese. This has always been my observation.To prove yourself that baking soda is not at issue,blood pressure can be monitored. However, in general abaking soda has a laxative effect, which generallylowers the blood pressure. It should be noted thamenstruation often results in lowered blood pressureas the body looses blood, and the baking soda, whiledo not raise the blood pressure do in fact helpstabilize them. If a lower blood pressure is desiredor a lower sodium is needed, it is the chloride,fluoride, sugar AND vegetable oils are restricted. Ionce had a woman friend of mind to challenge me on thechlorine issue that she thought sodium retention wasthe real culprit, so upon drinking a heavilychlorinated water, the blood pressure rose almostimmediately that she had to take the baking soda toreduced the chloride ratio in the body needed tostabilize it. Blood pressure rises and sodiumretentions usually goes hand in hand.

As a former chemist, reaction of baking soda and ACVthere is no change chemically except its pH. If youwon't do, the body needs to do it anyway with itsavailable bicarbonates to neutralize the ACV.Unfortunately, people have limited amounts ofbicarbonate in their body and this causes problemsfrom ACV uses. Therefore, to chance ACV chemically,you need to do much more chemical reactions such assulfuric acid, and other strong acids, if only a pHchanges, chemically they are the same. In fact mostconsumer products, chemist use baking soda, and othersimilar buffers necessary to stabilize the pH in theproducts so that they can have desirable stabilityfor greater shelf life. Human body is also the same,and the pH should also be kept within narrow range andthe body do need available bicarbonates to keep ourbodies healthy for longer life.

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