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Chinese Herbs for Kidney Stones?

Posted by R (US) on 01/02/2013

I have heard that there is a very good chinese herbal treatment for dissolving kidney stones but I would like something harmless that I can start now. Do you have any ideas?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
I know that Chinese herbs are excellent in dissolving kidney stones, and I encourage you to try. Would like to know what they are also.

But my knowledge is that calcium oxalates are formed by fruit intake. It is confirmed in animals by giving high amounts of fruits. It will be formed within a week. Fruits are full of fructose and they are metabolically converted to oxalic acid. This also is found in honey. So it is possible to prevent them. There is a herb in Thailand that is called stonebreaker [chanca piedra], known to dissolve some stones.

My methods are simple, uninteresting from chemistry but dissolving them is possible with a weak phosphoric acid, I don't know how many drops per glass, but get the pH in the glass of water to 4 or 5. The other way is taking vitamin B6.

I consider fructose an endogenous toxin as it is not required by humans, it causes uric acid to form, is the major cause of cancer (I have countless people getting cancer from eating fruits and with people who are vulnerable to cancer within 2 hours cancer metastasizes), it messes with the blood sugar levels by a backdoor mechanism, allowing free reign of fructose sugar to cause damage to your system causing diabetes, I can go on and on. The best and most common glycation agent that causes human aging is fructose. Our metabolism strictly controls the blood glucose not fructose. The Glycemic index promoted by the internet is useless as most fructose rich fruit juices are low in GI, allowing high uric acid, stones, cancer free reign to do damage in your systems.

But academically, stones can be calcium phosphates, calcium oxalates, struvite (magnesium ammonium phosphate), uric acid (gout), and cystine (hereditary). Much of the problem is calcium oxalate, and the leeching out effect on calcium when sugar in the blood is high and acidity too.

So neutralizing them with calcium actually makes things worse. Temporarily acidifying urine will usually dissolve most stones, but the body must be alkalizing in the long run especially in the intestines because if the intestines get acidic, the oxalic acid also gets through the gut. So avoiding oxalic acid rich foods is just part of the solution. Uric acid occurs mostly from fruits (fructose) and is metabolically converted to uric acid also and we blame only meats! Our average blood stream of fructose is 1 mg/dL. Fruit juices and fruit intake would easily overtake that and it is no wonder we have stones! I have women here who have colon cancer directly from taking honey (manuka honey). In fact, it is well known in medical literature that fructose is a cause of pancreatic cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer.


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