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India: Where to Find ACV/alternatives?

Posted by A (India) on 11/22/2007
I am not sure we can get ACV in India. Any substitutes recommended?

Replied by Ted Donate

Bangkok, Thailand
Apple cider vinegar comes in various brands, such as Bragg's, Heinz, and others. It is usually obtained from supermarkets. Certain health food stores may carry apple cider vinegar too.

Also, the apple cider vinegar depends on the kinds of remedy to be used. In certain remedies, a lemon or lime and baking soda will be a good substitute.

Another possible way to get around the lack of available, apple cider vinegar is to use apple juice mixed 50% with plain distilled vinegar. Most of the healing properties of the apple cider vinegar, in my opinion comes from the small amount of acetic acid and malic acid already found in most apple juice. Although when I do use it, I tend to neutralize the acid, with baking soda, so that it will be more friendly, pH wise to the body.
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