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Natural Remedy for Rash Around Nose?

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 09/21/2011
Ted, I have had this rash/acne around the rings of my nose for a long time. The doctor gave me minocycline, which worked temporarily, but also made me anxious. Do you know of a natural alternative to minocycline? I also tried 1/8 tsp borax, for 2 days, then stopped because I was sensitive to it. Any suggestions?

Replied by Ted Donate

Bangkok, Thailand
Borax has side effects due to accumulating nature of minocycline, which is fungal based. Hydrogen peroxide 3% in one capful to one liter of water as a drinking water every other day.


Replied by Shaun
York, Uk
Could I suggest you try Ted's Milk of Magnesia? It might help. It worked for me. Just rub some on/in and leave it as best you can. See my posting eleswhere on this.
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