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No Periods for Almost 4 Years, Pls Help

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 09/16/2011

Hi Ted, Greetings to you. I got ur name from earthclinic and i would like to share this problem because i dont know who else to go to. But first, thank you for helping so many others. You see, I live in Nigeria, Africa and am not overweight, just slight and petite. In my twenties i had regular but very heavy periods. Sometimes, it comes twice a month. But surprisingly, in 2007. i skipped a period and from then on its been downhill for my periods. Later in 2007, it stopped completely. In 2008, i went to the hospital and underwent many tests among which is Hormone test, the result said that i had hormonal imbalance. The doctors gave me pills/drugs, which i later found out that they where contraceptives somehow. I faithfully took the pills and after some weeks, the period came, but it was so heavy with BLACK CLOTS, I had never experienced such. This went on for 2 weeks and then some days. I stopped the drugs after that. Since then, i have been looking for an alternative to drugs.

Safe to say that for 3 and a half years now, I HAVE HAD NO PERIODS AND I AM WORRIED BECAUSE I AM NOT YET MARRIED. I keep having hot flashes and getting tired. Last week, i stumbled upon Earth clinic and decided to try some of the remedies. I bought Blackstrap Molasses and started immediately this monday. I have taken it for 5 days now and i havent gotten any result. On the contrary, the hot flashes increased and am very uncomfortable and disappointed. I am using 1 tablespoon Blackstrap Molasses twice daily in warm water. Pls can you help me with some other remedy?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
The usual problems are lack of vitamin E, natural vitamin E, vitamin b complex, B50, magnesium citrate, and lower progesterone hormones for lack of menstruation. The black clots may be a factor of not menstruating, so the simplest remedy is to take citrates, found in apples, lemon, lime for example. More specific citrate sources are sodium citrate and potassium citrate, 1/4 teaspoon each once a day 30 minutes after a meal. The citrate will unclot the menstruation periods. Ted
Replied by Beanie
Vincennes, In
The blackstrap molasses is to STOP periods, not start them.

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